eXellent X-Men

A Guest Pitch By Marius Niederas Pitch “We have to be more than great. We have to be excellent.” – Emma Frost While the Terrigen Clouds kept X-Men and mutants busy fighting for survival, new and old enemies rose up under their shadows. Now without the dangling threat of extinction, a new team of X-Women, drawn…

Infamous X-Men

Infamous X-Men:  A Guest Pitch By Craig Black and Matt Skipworth Pitch Prologue Alaska. A snow covered forest, eerily silent in that cold hush after a blizzard. The quiet is split by the loud crack of an axe striking the bark of a pine; a repetitive hammering causing a dusting of snow to fall from nearby branches….

X-Men: Extreme Measures

Note: Although this pitch is inspired by Cullen Bunn’s Uncanny X-Men run, it was written before the publication of Uncanny X-Men #17. Months ago, the X-Man Monet St. Croix fell under the influence of her brother, the parasitic mutant vampire known as Emplate. Struggling to escape his influence, she has fled into the shadows, but even she doesn’t know…

X-Men: Armored CompleX

X-Men: Armored CompleX by Guest Mike Van Wagoner The Pitch As the X-Men universe finds itself in a time when many beloved heroes dead or powerless, there’s never been a greater opportunity for someone new to pick up the torch and fight for the rights and survival of mutants and humans alike. A task easier…

Pitch Week II: The Return of Pitch Week X

The X-universe has been a tumultuous thing recently. Our previous Pitch Week happened at a similar time. Secret Wars was about to end and Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men, Hopeless’s All-New-X-men, and Bunn’s Uncanny had been announced. We had six individuals pitch the books they thought were missing from that lineup. We were all excited about the…

Death of X

After three issues of minor intrigue and major affronts to what I consider huge misses on a continuity front, Death of X pulled the rug out from under me.

In Preparation For ‘Inhumans V X-Men’

This week saw the end of Death of X, a four-issue miniseries that pitted the X-Men against the Inhumans. It also prepares the ground for Inhumans V X-Men, the next miniseries that will pit the X-Men against the Inhumans. IvX will be different, though; it will bring an end to an ongoing plot that’s been running through the X-Men and Inhumans…

ANWW Podcast: Round up of Episodes

A Lot has happened over the last few months with the All New Wednesday Warriors so here’s a round up of episodes. Just Click the images for the links to the episodes. There’s something below for all comics tastes. EPISODE 07 – COMICS SECURITY BLANKET It’s an All-New Comics Grab Bag from the All-New Wednesday…

Superheroes Breakdown 04/06/2016

With Marvel’s “Civil War II” finally kicking off, and X-Men: Apocalypse in cinemas now, this is an exciting week for superhero fans!

Superheroes Breakdown 28/05/2016

For quite some time, I’ve been publishing “Week of Marvels” – your breakdown on the latest MCU news!  Now, though, I’m taking this to the next level with what I’m calling “Superheroes Breakdown” – your weekly dose of news on DC, Marvel, and other highlights!

X-Men Apocalypse: Review (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS)

When Fox launched the X-Men franchise back in 2000, Bryan Singer’s belief was that superhero films needed to be ‘grounded’ – as realistic as possible, firmly embedded in the real world, and with the campier elements of comic books dropped.  The first film even lampshaded that with a joke about spandex costumes.