Death of X

After three issues of minor intrigue and major affronts to what I consider huge misses on a continuity front, Death of X pulled the rug out from under me.

In Preparation For ‘Inhumans V X-Men’

This week saw the end of Death of X, a four-issue miniseries that pitted the X-Men against the Inhumans. It also prepares the ground for Inhumans V X-Men, the next miniseries that will pit the X-Men against the Inhumans. IvX will be different, though; it will bring an end to an ongoing plot that’s been running through the X-Men and Inhumans…

ANWW Podcast: Round up of Episodes

A Lot has happened over the last few months with the All New Wednesday Warriors so here’s a round up of episodes. Just Click the images for the links to the episodes. There’s something below for all comics tastes. EPISODE 07 – COMICS SECURITY BLANKET It’s an All-New Comics Grab Bag from the All-New Wednesday…

Superheroes Breakdown 04/06/2016

With Marvel’s “Civil War II” finally kicking off, and X-Men: Apocalypse in cinemas now, this is an exciting week for superhero fans!

Superheroes Breakdown 28/05/2016

For quite some time, I’ve been publishing “Week of Marvels” – your breakdown on the latest MCU news!  Now, though, I’m taking this to the next level with what I’m calling “Superheroes Breakdown” – your weekly dose of news on DC, Marvel, and other highlights!

X-Men Apocalypse: Review (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS)

When Fox launched the X-Men franchise back in 2000, Bryan Singer’s belief was that superhero films needed to be ‘grounded’ – as realistic as possible, firmly embedded in the real world, and with the campier elements of comic books dropped.  The first film even lampshaded that with a joke about spandex costumes.

Kurtis Wiebe Update

Kurtis Wiebe is co-creator of the Rat Queens, which has had a sporadic history in regards to its artists, but has maintained a loyal and tenacious fan-base.

Captain America: Civil War Review

Before you read any further, I should point out that I live in the UK and that Captain America: Civil War has been released here. Out of respect for fans worldwide – not least in the United States – this review will be fairly spoiler-light; where I discuss key twists, I’ll be as unspecific as…

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 3

Last month, after I posted my second part of “Deadpool and the Author is Dead”, I decided I need to bridge the gap in my knowledge and see the movie. I’ve read the comics and I already loved him and I’ve loved Ryan Reynolds since the beginning. Anyway, I was nervous about seeing the movie. Despite…