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I’m an X-Men fanatic and all around comics geek who first cut my teeth on Masters of the Universe, Get Along Gang, Old Beano, and Topper comics. I slowly made my way into American comics with the X-Men and New Mutants. Some of my all-time favourite books have been Legion Lost, Planetary, New Mutants Special Edition, and Excalibur. I’m currently co-presenter of the All New Wednesday Warriors Podcast. A former guest-presenter on the podcast “Hey Let’s Talk About This,” I write genre fiction that doesn’t really fit neatly into any mainstream genres, and I refuse to be pigeon-holed.



I’ve given up the academic and teaching life for creativity and happiness. How odd those things would exchange. I’m now a technical writer for a software company’s knowledge base, but I spend even more of my time writing my own writing projects. I mainly post about my comic book faves, like Deadpool, the Rat Queens, DC, and will likely start a shrine to the new Kurtis Wiebe title, <i>Bounty</i>. I’m also working on a novel-length urban fantasy about witches, magic-folk, perception, and vampires. Because of course I am.



Tom will usually talk about:

  • Marvel related content, including his Week of Marvels series
  • Characterisation
  • Issue reviews, particularly of the X-Men
  • Superhero movies





Intrepid mathematician by day, consummate geek by night. When her cats let her out of her cage, she writes about all things X-men related with a particular, and perhaps overzealous, love of the Summers family and their ongoing drama.




If you find something you like, please comment, share with friends and get involved with us. We love a good discussion. Don’t be afraid to talk to us and tell us if we should be covering something and are not.
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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope it proves useful and informative to you. I am a Wonder Woman fan ever since reading her comics as a child. Cheers!


    1. loz says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the comment and I hope you find more that you like here. I’ll definitely be returning to Guysandgoodhealth.


  2. I first saw my way to the blog because of Tom’s post Inside the Mind of Emma Frost, after a couple of group Facebook discussions between her defenders and her detractors. I’ve enjoyed reading and will be coming back. Thanks!


    1. loz says:

      Thank you for stopping by. Those FB discussions are really entertaining, glad you could come and check us out.


  3. I really enjoy your psiforest, article all of them, sometimes when im bored i re read it and its always so interesting, thank you and greetings from Torreon city in Mexico.


    1. loz says:

      Thanks we enjoyed writing them. Thanks for reading.


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