RTCX-Report Episode 4: Jean Dies at the End

Click on Storm to go and listen to Episode 4.

The Boomlet X Recaps: The Boomlet X recaps the following issues:

  • Uncanny X-Men(1963) #135 Dark Phoenix
  • Uncanny X-Men(1963) #136 Child of Light and Darkness
  • The Boomlet X Loves Nightcrawler. Welcome to the club The Boomlet X.

Riley’s RTC X-Report: We review Uncanny X-Men(1963) #137 The Fate of the Phoenix! What we liked, what we didn’t and who was the most valuable player in this issue

Ask an X-Pert: Riley asks, What is the Phoenix Force’s deal and who, other than Jean Grey has been a host? X-Pert Craig pours on the X-Pertise.

If you have a question you want answered by Riley or one of our X-Perts leave us a message at https://anchor.fm/the-RTC-X-Report.

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