Pitch Week Results

First off, can I say I loved reading these. I have been on the edge of my seat for the last month in anticipation. A part of what makes Pitch Week fun is the constant conversation and chatter among us all, and the intrigue, excitement, and love for the X-men, and the way, Personally, my creative juices have been on fire, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Excuse my gushing, but I’ve been inspired by all the pitches and I’m grateful to be considered part of this group of creatives.

My boss gave me this quote this week which says “Your Vibe attracts your tribe,” and i definitely feel you are all part of my tribe, and I hope you feel likewise.

Anyway if you want to check out the actual result’s they are over at AllNewWednesdayWarriors.com and you can also download or listen to us discuss all the pitches on the podcast HERE.

On with my usual Pro/Con bullets.

Pro: Is it too over the top to use the word Sumptuous? Last Pitch Week I called Matt and Craig’s pitch effortlessly glamorous, and this pitch exudes the same. The art is quite simply divine.

Pro: The Cast. I’d give any book with Emma, Psylocke, and Magik a try.

Pro: loved the Prose insights into the team. I think they added to my enjoyment as a teaser of things that I would enjoy if this were to make it to some form of publication.

Con: My only con; I wasn’t too interested in the villains. I like Sinister but after his use in Extraordinary, maybe Lemire left a bad taste in my mouth. He was defeated pretty easily then and I’m not sure how hard he would be to beat with Magik on the team. Also I’d be intrigued with how you’d make Lady Mastermind a more credible threat.

Pro: The War Veteran plot

Pro: Emma’s putting a team together and her plan post IvX. I LOVE THIS LINE; “The IvX war was waged in vengeance of his death, but now it is time for mutants to establish their place in the world.”

Pro: Havok on the team dealing with the aftermath of his brothers death.

Pro: We have to be more than great. We have to be excellent.” – Emma Frost

Pro: Love the short and sweet pitch; “While the Terrigen Clouds kept X-Men and mutants busy fighting for survival, new and old enemies rose up under their shadows. Now without the dangling threat of extinction, a new team of X-Women, drawn together by chance, takes on these enemies to make the future brighter for mutants and humans alike.

Pro:  Selene as villain. There’s a lot of unfinished business between Blink/Emma/Rachel and Selene.

Pro: The Cast. All but two of them are X-men I want to see interact with each other. This would be my pitch of choice.

Pro: Callback to Rachel as Hound. And I LOVE that this would make Rachel and Emma friends.

Pro: Together the women move into the deserted New Charles Xavier School and christen it the Scott Summers School, in honor of the fallen.

Pro: Death of X showed: Emma Frost needs to be in an X-Book.

Pro: Rachel Grey: Rachel will be the field leader

Pro: Unbeknownst, after the events of Necrosha, a sliver of Proteus’ psyche stayed in Husk, deep buried in her mind. Her body reacted to it, but Beast wrongly diagnosed this as a second mutation. Now Proteus is subconsciously controlling Husk into using her powers as often as possible, since with every layer she rips away he gains more control over her. This is just mind boggling. I love it.

Pro:  Tubarãa, because it makes no sense for a Brazilian woman to call herself Shark Girl.

Pro: The Whole Tempus future arc.

Con: Glob Herman. No. Just No. Stop trying to make Glob Herman a Thing.

Con: Quentin Quire will be another villain of the book. With all his characterization in the last few years, this doesn’t make sense to me, but KidO has kind of become one of my sacred cows. I would love it if he was the lone male on this team.

Pro: Love the unique art.

Pro: Using Armor as leader of a group of X-Men as a callback to Runaways is so nice.

Pro: The character archetype approach to forming a team of X-Men.

Pro: Hellion and Hijack. I want more of these guys in any book I can get them.

Con: Hate Surge and Quicksilver

Pro: Love the return of Armor to her homeland.

Pro: Ancestor Armor Sentinels, are an awesome concept.

Con: Azazel has yet to fit in any story comfortably, and I don’t quite see it in a story that doesn’t have any ties to Nightcrawler.

X-Men: Extreme Measures

Pro: A spiritual Successor to both Bunn’s Uncanny and Si Spurrier’s Legacy.

Pro: Blindfold and Legion Back together. Blindfold as leader is pretty awesome too.

Pro: Emplates. An army of Emplates and a fallen-from-grace M.

Pro: Return of Shard

Con: Pixie. I’m irritated by the character after really liking her back in New X-Men.

Pro: Sabretooth as a hero.

Con: Hate Hope Summers. She was less annoying as MEME, but not sure about her use although important to the main story.

Pro: Legion declares: “Yer a demon, Emplate. And you know why we have demons? To conquer them.”

Con: The feel of the whole 2 year arc didn’t quite catch my attention.

Pro: I do however love the themes of : Fear of the future is a massive societal issue, especially in the wake of recent political events, and this is a truly topical question. The second theme is the idea of facing our demons.

Well, I’m sad it’s over, but there’s always next time and I hope you all come back for Pitch Week Three. (Whenever that is.)

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