Choose Your Pitch!


The world of Marvel’s merry mutants has been completely upended over the past year, with “Secret Wars” leading us to a time of conflict between the X-Men and the Inhumans. With that arc coming to an end, here at MahMuseComics we’ve embraced a challenge; we set our writers, and some guests, the task of making our own fan-pitches in Pitch Week II!

Well, the week has gone now, and here’s your chance to vote for your favorite pitch – and tell us what you liked about it! So here are your choices:

X-Men Gold by Loz Cook

Loz envisions a team led by the redoubtable Emma Frost, sponsored by Landau, Luckman and Lake! He imagines a complex plot that restores the threat of the Void, a sliver of which was embedded in Cyclops during the “Utopia” arc. Read more…

eXellent X-Men by Marius Niederas

Picking up on Brian Wood’s old idea of an all-female cast, eXellent X-Men brings together an unusual, mismatched team against the renewed threat of Selene! Read more…

Infamous X-Men by Craig Black and Matt Skipworth

A team based at Frost Tower, Infamous X-Men brings another team of mutants into head-on collision with the latest plans of Mister Sinister! Read more…

X-Men: Extreme Measures by Tom Bacon

Launching off the back of Cullen Bunn’s Uncanny X-Men and Simon Spurrier’s classic X-Men: LegacyExtreme Measures leaves a handful of heroes desperately trying to avert a dystopian future… Read more…

Armored CompleX by Mike Van Wagoner

Taking a team to Japan, this book features an unusual and eclectic cast – with Armor and Surge taking center-stage! Can they deal with a very different new form of Sentinel? Read more…

So choose your pitch, X-Men fans!

You have one week to vote for your favorite pitch and then we will publish the results on February the 8th. Also on February the 8th, you can find the vote results and winners of the comments giveaway on an episode of the All New Wednesday Warriors podcast. So see what our judges have to say about the pitch and see if they agreed with your own views. This means you have one week to comment if you haven’t done so already, so comment, and you could win.

One Comment Add yours

  1. chamlet5127 says:

    Everyone did such a good job, it was a hard choice. Good luck everyone! 🙂


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