Infamous X-Men

image2-4Infamous X-Men: 

A Guest Pitch By Craig Black and Matt Skipworth



Alaska. A snow covered forest, eerily silent in that cold hush after a blizzard. The quiet is split by the loud crack of an axe striking the bark of a pine; a repetitive hammering causing a dusting of snow to fall from nearby branches.
“I do so love to watch a burly man at work…”
Emma Frost stands several metres behind Alex Summers, dressed in snug black furs; an ushanka hat pulled low over her ice blonde hair. Alex ceases his attack on the tree and turns to her, casually hefting the axe to rest on his shoulder.
“Emma. It’s been a while.”
“It has. After everything that’s happened I was concerned about you. No one has seen you for weeks. And now I find you out here. Alone.”
“Well, ya don’t call, ya don’t write…”
“Yes, well. Consider this me calling. What with the Inhumans and…and your brother…even the mind of a telepath can be overly taxed.”
“So sorry that Scott dying was so ‘taxing’ for you.”
“You know that’s not what I meant. Your brother…your brother was my world.”
“A world that’s now in ruin, which is why I came out here; to get away from the rubble that our lives have become.”
“And a very nice, bleak and icy retreat it is.”
“Aww. Feeling the irony Miss ‘Frost’?”
(Sigh) “Yes, yes its bloody cold; you think me cold, it’s all very clever and humorous…”
“Look Emma, we can stand here all day flinging insults at each other, but to be perfectly honest, I’m tired and I’m pissed, so just tell me what the hell it is you want.”
“Fair enough. I want you to be an X-man again.”
“Are you for real? Emma, as a species, we are in bits.”
“I know! For god’s sake, I know! You think any part of this decision to re-form has been taken lightly? Just thinking about who we’ve lost. Scott. Jamie. The children…”
“I think you just made my point for me.”
“No. I am choosing to rally against our piss poor position. For too long we have been famous for being endangered. The feared evolution that has refused to die despite efforts to erase us.”
“So what on earth do you suppose we do differently?”
“Like I said, we’ve been famous for all the wrong reasons. So, how would you feel about getting a little…infamous?”

End prologue


  • Emma Frost 
  • Havok 
  • M (Monet St. Croix)
  • Psylocke 
  • Magik
  • Elixir
  • The Stepford Cuckoos (Celeste, Phoebe and Mindee) now known as Trivium. (Supporting Cast

BASE OF OPERATIONS: Frost Tower, located in the upper east side of Manhattan. A skyscraper of beautiful glass that houses all the businesses Emma has invested in from law offices to advertising and publicity firms. The upper and basement levels are assigned to the team; each with luxurious apartments and specialised training facilities.

VILLAIN: Mr Sinister and army of clone hounds (baked lovingly at 200 degrees and sprinkled with Summers and Grey DNA), and Regan Wyngarde aka ‘Mastermind’

The Cast 


EMMA FROST – is still fighting the corner of doing what needs to be done and following on from her work with Cyclops. Emma, with the aid of Havok has put together a team who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty if need be. They may not be the bad guys, but they know when to not be the good guys. Emma functions as co-team leader alongside Havok and serves as the prominent telepath of the team. She is also helping maintain the team’s mental health, especially in the cases of M and Elixir. The latter of whom she is helping learn to control not just his new power levels, but the emotions and urges that come with it.


HAVOK – having come to terms with life, loves and the things he’s lost, Alex has realised that Emma and Scott had a point.  In the wake of Cyclops death Havok has decided it’s time to step up. Havok co-leads the team with Emma and leads the team in the field on missions. He’s tried being the good soldier and fighting the good fight and sticking by the rule book. However, sometimes rules are meant to be broken and if you’re going to break them, break them good and hard! 


M – Monet’s life of late has come off the rails and she realises she hasn’t been acting like herself. From the death of friend and former teammate, Jamie Madrox and merging with her brother Emplate, it’s all just taken its toll and the cracks are beginning to show. Her behaviour has become reckless and Psylocke has decided she needs help to bring her back to herself. At the behest of friend and teammate Psylocke, Monet has agreed to join Emma and Havok’s new team. Though she hates to admit it, Psylocke is right and Emma may be just the person to help her work through it all. Not one to suffer alone however,  Monet has convinced Elixir to come with them. She knows Emma is a good teacher ( though she may not say it out loud) and can help him learn to control his newly found power levels. Also, anything that keeps Emma’s focus divided from prying just a little too much into her mind and emotional state, the happier she is all round. 

Dive bar- The Fish Bowl- Brooklyn.

Your typical shady drinking hole; neon sign, tacky floors and the ambience of stale sweat and beer. There are quite a few patrons – it’s eight pm and the jukebox is kicking out some classic rock. The door opens and closes with a swoosh and click; the frigid November air rushing in for a second before the balmy, cloying air returns.

Elizabeth Braddock loosens the collar of her hooded parka, unwinding her scarf and flicking back her violet ponytail. Peeling off her gloves, she surveys the dingy place; her eyes and thoughts scanning seamlessly over the drab clientele before settling on one, particularly striking, customer perched on a stool at the bar. This woman was her target. Her friend. Her colleague. Monet St Croix. And there was a shitload of bourbon in her blood right now…

‘Good evening Monet.’

‘Good, Elizabeth? I’m pretty sure it’s several drinks away from being good.’

‘Yes. Well…’

‘You here to drown the proverbial sorrows too? Raise a glass to the shit-storm that is currently our lives?’

‘I’m here to talk.’

‘Now there’s a loaded statement…not at all ominous.’

‘M, I’m just worried about you. You have to admit your recent actions have been…erratic.’

”Erratic’? Ever the Brit with your euphemistic, side-stepping turns of phrase. I’m shocked.’

‘I’m shocked. Shocked you haven’t got someone killed yet. Yourself included.’

‘Rich coming from a slice-first-ask-questions later go getter like you Bets.’

‘I am wholly responsible for all of my actions, but it’s not me we are discussing. You’re hurting. Your cock-sure, haughty exterior notwithstanding with a psychic in the room. You know better than that.’

‘I’m not hiding the fact I’m royally pissed off, but I’m still doing my job.’

‘You caused massive collateral damage ‘saving’ that couple from those sleeper sentinels. You broke the girl’s arm and collarbone bringing the roof of that parking structure down.’

‘She’s alive isn’t she?’

‘She may not have been, doing what you did.’

‘Yeah. Well. What ya gonna do?’

‘Be better.’


PSYLOCKE – Betsy is sought out by Emma and Havok specifically. In recent months, Psylocke has been running a one woman hit squad neutralising threats wherever she can. This has caught the attention of Emma and Psylocke, knowing no matter how good she is, admits some fish are too big to fry alone. Concerned with Monet’s recent behaviour and possession by her brother, Betsy, after a much heated discussion, convinces M to join her. After a little back to basics and time with Emma dealing with her troubles, it may be just the kick in the ass she needs to get back to being practically perfect. While Psylocke and Emma don’t always see eye to eye on matters they’re more than capable of putting it aside to get the mission done. 


MAGIK – Saddened by the dissolution of X-Haven in Limbo, Magik has felt adrift since the war with the Inhumans. Lacking the focus she once had as a one woman search and rescue, Illyana has taken some time away from mutant affairs. Until the call she received from former teammate Emma Frost inviting her to rejoin her at Muir Island alongside Havok. With a skill set that reaches beyond her mutant DNA and into the realm of the mystical, Illyana is a powerful instrument in Emma and Alex’s new regime; one to transcend worlds for the sake of their species.

The lobby of Exess Genetics, swarming with Sinister’s Hounds. At the centre of the fray, Psylocke and Elixir are on extreme offensive, clearing a path through the crazed mutates.

“Lixi! Stop stalling and actually go to work!”

“I’ve already specified this ma’am, it’s Elixir in the field!”

“Yes, well, keep calling me ‘ma’am’ and you’ll know what it feels like to stitch your psyche back together.”


“There you go. You can loosen up. Now death touch these bastards before I have to get snappy with my katana, darling.”


ELIXIR – Having tired of being used a tool in Magneto’s agenda, Josh decided to come along when Monet suggested coming with her and Psylocke to join Emma and Havok’s team of X-Men. Knowing that they would likely be up to questionable activities, given Emma’s recent behaviour, it seems like as good an opportunity as any to test his self control and couldn’t be any worse than working under Magneto. After bringing Emma up to speed on his current circumstances, she arranged some training sessions with Psylocke, overseen by Emma, naturally. The objective of which is not only to make Elixir a more proficient fighter, but also to learn to better control his impulses by channeling his death essence into his attacks in short controlled bursts. Thus weakening his opponent substantially rather than resulting in their death.

First Arc Summary: Arc Title: Dirty Work

Too much was lost in the war with the Inhumans. The terrigen clouds are gone, but the casualties were great. None more painfully raw than the death of Scott Summers for Emma Frost. The IvX war was waged in vengeance of his death but now it is time for mutants to establish their place in the world.

Emma Frost, ever the realist, sees the potential in securing new assets and planning for the future of mutantkind. While establishing the groundwork of a new business empire, using her astute business acumen, Emma has approached the mutants she considers the major potential of the current generation. Unfortunately, Emma has been unable to locate Storm in the aftermath of IvX, but has pinned down the operatives she wants to comprise her new team of X-men.

Having headed to Alaska, Emma secured Havok, Scott’s brother, to co-lead her operation. Shortly after, she recruited the uncanny alums Psylocke, Elixir and M; all three still in turmoil after their tenure under Magneto’s fractured leadership.

After assuring the foundation of her team, Emma set about attaining a new base of operations and so bought a building in the upper East side of Manhattan using the significant assets she still had at her disposal due to her Hellfire affiliations. Renaming this beautiful glass structure, ‘Frost Tower’, Emma set about acquiring further funds to consolidate her position as a mutant leader.

However, threats to both human and mutant societies were still lurking . While attending a corporate gala to network with potential investors, Emma gleaned a fraction of the psyche of the CEO of Exess Genetics, Alastair Janus. This glimmer of psychic insight revealed Janus to be the renowned mutant terrorist, Nathaniel Essex, aka: Sinister.


Armed with this knowledge, Emma used her abilities to ‘nudge’ a group of medical standards inspectors to carry out a review of Exess Genetics’ facility. Emma was surprised to learn that the reports were all clear. Calling upon her psychic colleagues, Monet St Croix, Elizabeth Braddock and the hive mind sisters, Trivium to assist, Emma arranged a ‘debrief’ with one of the inspectors.

After extensive mental examination, Emma realised that it was not the memories of the inspector that lacked authenticity, but the seams between them; as if they had been meticulously drawn tighter together. Recognising the power signature of the manipulation, Emma realised that this was psychic surgery implemented by none other than Regan Wyngarde: Mastermind. It was now clear that Sinister had a potent ally to deceive the outside world of his genetic machinations.

Needing to see the lay of the land, Emma tasked Psylocke and Havok to carry out a reconnaissance infiltration of Exess Gen. their discoveries were disturbing. It appeared that Sinister aimed to reignite the mutant gene in all of humanity, using Mastermind to implant false memories and experiences, leading to a master species.

In the attempt to breach Sinister’s inner research lab, Psylocke and Havok were attacked by Essex’s first line of defence – the Hounds. Genetic hybrids of Sinister’s obsession with Cyclops and Phoenix, the Hounds are bred, conditioned killers, granted both telekinesis and optic force blasts to defend their master at all costs.

Forced back from the facility, Havok and Psylocke barely escaped, but had obtained files containing the names of Sinister’s test subjects; twenty war veterans that had suffered disfiguring injuries in action and plagued by severe PTSD. Emma realised that these soldiers had been promised restoration to their former selves, physically and mentally, but had only become Sinister and Mastermind’s new twisted project.

Deciding that this new series of horrors must be shut down permanently, Emma draws together her team to lead a full attack against Essex and Wyngarde. With Trivium acting as a powerful mental network and safeguard, the X-men were finally united against their enemies. The time had come to stand together; rage against the darkness. A time to get a little infamous…

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18 Comments Add yours

  1. Psychodad says:

    So…is Alex still evil? He turned evil after axis and I don’t think he ever turned good again…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. loz says:

      Yeah, this was never resolved with Bendis leaving earlier than i felt he meant to. I think Havok and Cyclop’s little adventure was cut short and we never learned of his true affiliation.


      1. Psychodad says:

        I think it would be a neat twist if Havok is still evil and undermines Emma’s plans.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. loz says:

        That would be awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. loz says:

    I think Monet and Psylocke are my favourite designs. I love the prose inserts too. Gives a fun feel for a couple of the relationships.


  3. Craig Black says:

    I know personally when going through the choices of who we wanted and Havok came up, I did consider the whole Axis flip.

    While I cannot speak for Matt as while we did collaberate together on this project we each retain our own views. That for me, like as we have been seeing with Sabretooth in Uncanny the Axis flip fades eventually and the characters true nature re-emerges over time.

    Going into the pitch with Alex on the team I like to think that with Havok this re-emergence has also taken place and while he’s not ‘evil’ his time with his morality flipped has had a lasting effect on him both in a good and bad way.

    Plus with the gaping retcon excuse that was Secret Wars it left a lot of wiggle room to much like Marvel has been doing to pick and choose which aspects of the pre Secret Wars set ups to retain and which to throw aside.

    While I don’t like to ignore character histories and what has come before, as I think it actually helps force writers to be more creative to work with rather than against what has happened prior to their taking over a title. The likes of Secret Wars does make it easier to move in the direction we did while still retaining aspects of what has gone before and in the likes of Sabretooth currently on going in character scenarios.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Joël says:

    Does Penance/Hollow will have a role. I find strange that no writer take a shot at what she feel to be in possession of M. Does M will have another static moment (When she is lost in mind and no one can Move Her. I find that a good cliffanger, the team as to leave now indangered and M froze.


  5. Matt says:

    I would love to explore those story threads concerning Hollow and M’s complicated history. It would certainly spin out well from the direction that this book would take hypothetically. I think that considering Monet’s recent issues with her brother, Emplate and her past of having her body commandeered by others on a number of occasions, it would make for great story material. Our Monet is not the most stable member of the team and this would definitely play well to the tone of ‘Infamous’. Thanks Joel!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Joël says:

    There is a fact that can make a sub-plot. Elixir can Heal in my memorie. I don’t know what’s the Emplate Statu. But if he has desapear, it feel fun than elixir throug M heal him. Sometime in the dark this isn’t M but Emplate and she can remember those missing moment.


    1. loz says:

      Hey Joel. You won this day’s Commenter Prize. Email me at to chat about how I can get your prize to you.


  7. John R says:

    This looks cool. The immediate question I had was will Havok and Emma hook up eventually? I’m not quite sure what I would feel about that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Craig Black says:

      Considering their recent chaotic lives we had Havok down to be sleeping with Monet.

      He’s never been good at choosing partners tbh. It’s a wild and passionate but short lived affair giving both what they need affairs the time.

       Not necessarily healthy as relationships go but they both seem like the reckless, physical types that deal with things in physical ways, so having them get down with their nasty seemed likely.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Jesse B says:

    i dont like Sinster’s new design. He looks like he’s ready to go to some kind of weird BDSM party


    1. loz says:

      Do you remember that arc, I think it was by Kieron Gillen and had a whole city made up of just Sinister. I wonder what they did for entertainment? Sinister is so glam a personality I wouldn’t put it past him at all. 😉


  9. Matt says:

    The fun of Sinister is that he IS a walking BDSM party. I mean, by contrast, the Hellfire club ain’t? 🤔


  10. Alex K Cossa says:

    Y’know, I never saw .Sinister as a walking BDSM party, to be totally honest. The Hellfire Club…


  11. Robert says:

    I like this. There’s so much that come about from this team and the interactions. Love the idea of a Frost towers. Kinda similar to one I had for a Frost-Dacosta industries building that was basically similar and in someways a reboot of the X-corporation. Love the honing of the power set for Elixir and the new code name for the Cuckoos is spot on.


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