Pitch Week II: The Return of Pitch Week X

The X-universe has been a tumultuous thing recently. Our previous Pitch Week happened at a similar time. Secret Wars was about to end and Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men, Hopeless’s All-New-X-men, and Bunn’s Uncanny had been announced. We had six individuals pitch the books they thought were missing from that lineup. We were all excited about the Post-Secret Wars X-universe, and it looks as though the post Inhumans VS X-men universe is going to be a lot of fun, but WHAT IF those books never existed? What if in an alternate universe five completely different books were to be published.

For your entertainment, Mah Muse and collaborators will pitch you five X-books over the course of this week that would be great alternative X-titles to the Post IvX  landscape. Then, on Sunday, you the audience, get to vote on your favorite.

The Rules. Don’t worry there aren’t many.


Cast the theme is RessurXion. Build your solo, team, or concept book so that it would be the next step after IvX. You can be as creative as you want, free from any revelation that comes before the end of Inhumans v X-men.

Rule 1: contributors may use any characters that are not currently deceased. The exception to this is Jamie Maddrox who everyone can agree was a cheap blow. This doesn’t mean you have to use Jamie, just be aware.

Rule 2: there must be an element of current continuity.


  • Cast list and small paragraph on why that character is there and the reasoning behind their inclusion. Also include support characters and Villains (can’t forget them).
  • Pitch concept; what is this team’s reason for existing and why the audience should be excited to read this book.
  • First arc summary. What happens when this team interacts? What is the inciting incident that sets them on their path? Are there some cool twists, or action scenes that would make a reader want to read?

Anything Else Goes

Our contributors can be as creative as they want, free from any revelation that comes from IvX the first new issues of X-men in March. YOU the audience are free to ask each of them questions in the comments and discuss the pitches and you CAN BE REWARDED FOR THIS. Through Dr. Volts Comic Store and The All-New Wednesday Warriors, we’re giving away X-Men themed gifts at random  to those who comment each day.  Sunday we’ll put up a poll for YOU THE READERS, to tell us whose Pitch you liked. You’ll have until the following week to vote, and then we’ll have review of the best bits from all the pitches.

Our contributors will be:

Tuesday: Craig and Matt.

Wednesday: Marius

Thursday: Loz

Friday: Mike

Saturday: Tom

Craig and Matt,  are up tomorrow with their pitch, so make sure to check in. And then every day till Saturday for the others. Come along and see if we’ve included your favorite characters … You know, those ones that you feel have needed a spotlight for a while.

Comment and Win

You could be a winner if you comment. Every day we’ll give a prize to a random visitor who left a comment so feel free to join in the discussion, you could win.  Comic store Dr. Volts are supplying six awesome x-men-themed gifts. 

To go along with Pitch Week II, The All-New Wednesday Warriors will be judging the pitches and you’ll be able to catch their comments on the 8th of February on a new Episode of the bi-weekly podcast. That day we will also publish the results of the reader vote. So it’s all very exciting and we’re excited for you to see these new pitches.

Also, we are missing two of our past Pitch Week collaborators Maxime and Christina. Just to let you know we’ll feature them at a later date with a pitch, article or image here or there. Missing you guys, but hope you are both well and still know we think you are awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 10.24.17 AM


3 Comments Add yours

  1. color me X-cited for this 🙂 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CJ Nash says:

    I look forward to all the pitches!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joël says:

    I so wanted to be part of your crew for creat a fake title. Love the idea. I will follow closely your work now that i discover you.


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