Bond: SkyFall

So this wasn’t going to be a post specifically about James Bond. I was inspired by a song I just heard, but more on that in a bit. I may aswell add my two cents on the movie too. Click below for more.

During the Thanksgiving break I managed to go see Skyfall with my bruv-in-law. I have to say I loved every bit of it. I’d heard previously that Javier Bardem‘s Silva was not only one of the best Bond villains of all time but one of the best movie villains of all time. This is a tall order. I can think of some brilliant and stunning villains from a dozen other movies, but, I found this statement to be true of Skyfall itself.

Skyfall isn’t just one of the greatest Bond movies, I think it’s earned its place as one of the greatest movies that I’ve seen for a long time. Let’s look at just a couple of my favourite thigs about this movie. There’s a lot but I’ll keep it simple.

Cast. This movie has an awesome cast. I can’t even name the odd one out. You know in many movies there is that one actor or actress that doesn’t quite make you feel their performance was the best.  I can name a few Bond Girls who fit this category. But, this movie, both primary and secondary bond girls get a chance to shine, and they really do shine.

I really did love every character in this movie and the performances given. From Q’s idiosyncrasy, to M’s masterful depth, to Silva’s genius, to Severine’s palpable fear, to every scene with Eve, to the addition of Ralph Fiennes, and Bond’s interaction with every one of them. This film had me hooked early.

Action. Wow. If you watch a Bond film, you know you are getting action. But, little did I know that almost every action scene had much more depth. There was a weight to every action scene and none of them seemed put there superficially. Especially the last action sequence. Wow, this was what the whole Bond series has been leading to.  This movie’s action sequences were just awe-inspiring. From the beginning pre-title sequence to the last showdown. It did not disappoint.

Other things I loved:

  • Gadgets.  Yep, they are back and are brilliant.
  • Hand-to-hand combat. I love Daniel Craig‘s physicality and the brutal nature of this up close and personal fight sequences.
  • The Villain. As I said before I love Bardem’s villain. From his cringe inducing removal of his prosthetic, to his interactions with Bond and M. I loved his performance.
  • Naomi Harris. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful and then the reveal at the end….WONDERFUL.
  • Plot. This has to be one of my favorite Bond plots.
  • Sam Mendes. Yes, please direct the next Bond film.
  • Dangerous creatures: KO-MO-DO DRAGONS. no need to say more. There needs to be more of these fascinating creatures in movies.

So, now for the original reason for this post.

There is in fact a slight downside to the movie. It didn’t ruin the movie, but… let me explain.

Adele. Yes. The theme tune was not up to scratch. There have been some amazing bond themes. This was not one of them and lacked the same intensity and depth of the movie. It was just boring. I had heard Skyfall before seeing the movie and it was blah… and I actually liked it a fraction more with the framing of it in the movie. But still… boring. Now just today I heard the song that should have been chosen, you know, in a perfect world. Alicia Keyes. Now before you say, “But she just did the last one.” Now I enjoyed that song. It wasn’t my favourite but I liked it well enough. But the song 101 from her new album Girl On Fire. It’s out today. Worth a listen. All it needs is a bit more orchestration with strings, add in the slight essence of the Bond theme and cut the vocal musing at the end by a little bit and you have it. It’s pretty lush.

So there you have it. Go see Skyfall. imagine 101 is playing instead of Adele and you are as good as gold. And speaking of Gold, lest you don’t believe me that Eve was an awesome Bond girl and that it was all action for her, behold:

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  1. loz says:

    I hadn’t thought about the age thing in that respect. I thought the film had a nice reverence for older films while bringing a few of those “old” elements into the present in new and exciting ways. I thought Silva’s whole gig was that the old is bad, while Bond and M were holding onto the old ways.
    I’ve not seen the Red Dawn remake but the original was a memorable movie. I’ll have to check it out.


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